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Whether you want to renovate your bathroom, ensuite, kitchen or laundry, Bathroom Renovations Wellington can create a room that meets your needs.. We use only high-quality products and our people are highly experienced in bathroom remodeling.

We pride ourselves on offering quality yet affordable bathroom renovation services in Wellington. We view bathrooms as opportunities to be creative and innovative, putting all of our heart and soul into making your bathroom everything you could possibly want (and then some). As passionate renovators, it is our job to make sure that your bathroom tells a story.

​Our colour choices are designed to evoke emotions, our fixtures and fittings deliver quality and reliability, and each project we undertake is entirely unique – just like every client we serve. Here are eight reasons why you should choose us for your next bathroom renovation:


  • Free in-home consultations

  • Expert Designing and Planning

  • Easy Process

  • High Qulaity Products

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Bathroom Remodel Wellington NZ

Welcome to Bathroom Remodel Wellington the best service for bathroom remodeling Wellington has to offer.

We understand that you may be seeking small bathroom remodel ideas, a bathroom shower renovation project, or an extensive master bathroom makeover – and we’re here to assist. Our main priority is alleviating your stress over the financial costs of your new design; while providing quality work and results at an affordable price.

If you’ve stumbled upon this page, chances are you have some burning questions rolling around in your mind that need answering. You may be wondering things such as who provides the best bathroom remodeling services near me? Where can I find the highest-quality walk-in tubs Wellington has to offer? How much will it cost to completely renovate my restroom? Or even which contractors were rated top notch for home remodeling projects in Wellington?

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About Us

Bathroom Remodel Wellington began with the goal to bring you the highest quality local bathroom and kitchen remodeling. Our customers’ satisfaction in our work is what motivates us each and every day when we get out of bed!

When you choose our services, the first step is a complimentary consultation to soothe any worries or concerns you have about your project. Even better—we can provide great ideas for bathroom remodeling that will help ease stress and anxiety! So don’t wait—start on your dream renovation today with us!

Wellington Expert Bathroom Services

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Full Bathroom Remodel

If you’re exhausted with your current bathroom, it’s time to take action! Sign up for our full bathroom remodel – we’ll eliminate everything that makes your heart sink and tailor the space according to your desired aesthetic. Put an end to those old colors and lights, unappealing vanity, outdated toilet, or lacklustre shower by investing in a makeover today!

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Bath Conversions

Are you in the market for a bathroom makeover yet not ready to commit to a full remodel? If so, why not start by replacing that dull bathtub of yours with something entirely new and exciting? We can help you pick from an array of tiles, showerheads, glass doors – all sorts of elements guaranteed to create a unique space unlike anything Wellington has ever seen. Don’t miss out on this chance for your dream bath remodel Wellington style!

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Master Bathroom Remodel

You spend a considerable amount of time in your master bathroom, whether it be for getting ready for the day, unwinding after a long one or just enjoying some peace and quiet. Why not make this space even more enjoyable? With our help, we can transform that outdated master bath into an area you wish never to leave!

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Walk-in Tubs/Showers.

If your top priority is safety, we have exactly what you need! Our walk-in tubs provide a much safer alternative to the potentially hazardous traditional bathtub. When it’s time for your soak, all you need do is open the watertight door, take one small step over a low threshold and close it once more before filling up the tub – easy as that! With our product, not only can you revel in its splendid design but feel safe knowing that even if you slip or stumble getting out of the tube will be hassle free.

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Small Bathroom Remodel

Have a tiny bathroom that you’re embarrassed to show your friends? Not for long! Our experienced team can easily turn it into the envy of all with just one free consultation. From replacing toilets, lights and vanities, we’ve got everything you need to create the perfect guest powder room. Look no further than us when transforming your small space – let’s get started today!

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Other Services

  • Lighting

  • Backsplash

  • Countertops

  • Sinks

  • Showerheads

Full Bathroom

​Most full bathrooms have a shower, full bath or spa, and some form of storage. Sometimes when homeowners renovate, they decide to add features that would create more space like vanities. The standard layout for most efficient full bathroom use is to have the tub and shower nearby.

You can get bathroom renovations in Wellington to give full bathroom features for saving space. The shower is typically enclosed in a glass panel with no frame so that the space feels like it is larger than is. Mirrored cabinets are sometimes introduced to add flare to the bathrooms.

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Three-quarter Bathroom

Our three-quarter bathrooms are about the bare essentials. It covers the shower, a sink, and a toilet. Many bathroom renovations for this bathroom style have to do with customising. In most cases, the crown molding is oversized for this bathroom. They feature glass doors for the shower to make the space feel open.

You can also have small renovations Wellington-wide for this bathroom to introduce marble tiles. They add a touch of luxury to an otherwise plain bathroom when installed from the floor to the ceiling.

A frameless shower makes the space also feel larger. The more daring homeowners go for bathroom renovations that add custom tiled backsplashes and vanities.

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Master Bathroom

This bathroom is often designed to be relaxing. The master bathroom typically joins the master bedroom. Many bathroom showrooms display designs for this bathroom because it typically uses basic principles to create fluidity in the space. In some cases, you can have renovations for this bathroom that incorporate natural elements like beach glass tiles.

Bathroom renovations for master bedrooms usually centre on making it contemporary. The design uses glass tiles, engineered stone counters, and stained wood. The bathroom here needs to resemble the master bedroom, but with a contemporary spa-like feel.

Frequently Asked Questions


How much is a bathroom remodel?

Trying to answer this inquiry without knowing your existing bathroom conditions or desired end result is quite difficult. Bath Remodeling in Wellington can be a very individualized experience, depending on the materials and fixtures you’ve chosen for it– whether that’s for a small or master bathroom! That’s why we offer our gratis consultation service; so you get the best results tailored specifically to what YOU want!

What kind of tile should I use for my floor and shower?

Determining which tile is perfect for your bathroom depends on numerous elements; namely, the light in the room and how much traffic it receives. Additionally, cost plays a crucial role in choosing tiles that fit within your budget. Ultimately, no matter what style or price range you choose to go with, be mindful of creating an aesthetic that fits best with your home!

Should I plan on more ventilation in my bathroom?

Installing a suitable ventilation system in your lavatory is highly suggested. Bathrooms often become saturated with humidity due to hot showers, shaving sessions, and hand-washing generating steam. If too much moisture builds up inside the bathroom walls, it can cause mold growth or damage newly painted surfaces and cabinets – something no one wants after remodeling their bathroom!

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